Friday, October 2, 2009


As many of you may know my little girl, Grace Jolee Davis, a.k.a. Gracie, turned 6. She posed for a picture on her birthday. My only little girl, I was hoping for a barbie, princess, or some sort of "girly" birthday cake. No she had to have Transformers Bumble Bee cake.
That is her favorite movie and character. She watches it at least once a week. She wanted a Bumble Bee cake, but due to my lack of skill we just frosted it like Bumble Bee.
She got her very own digital camera, so she won't have to steal mine any more. It is so cute and fun. They have not put it down since we got it. For those of you wondering, it is a V-Tech Kidiezoom. I love all of the features and options. She can run it by herself. However, the picture quality is horrible. I haven't plugged it into there computer yet to see if it is just the screen, but if there is the slightest movement on the handlers part or any one else, it is so blurry. None of the pictures have been clear enough to even want to keep them. But they love to edit them and play with the pictures on the camera. If I find some time to download the pictures I will let you know if they are any clearer. I am sure they will still be blurry though.
Also the very popular Bedaroos. I am sure if your kid watched TV they have asked for these. Really cute idea, however not as easy to work with as they make them look. Just a few gifts I thought were worth sharing my opinion.
Here is Gracie with here Great Grandma Bonnie. Can you tell there related? It is no wonder where she gets her good looks.
For her birthday she wanted to take a walk to the river with the family. What is it with kids and throwing rocks into the water?
Cute, they found a tree that had fallen and posed for a picture. I think that Gracie is a little camera shy. She kinda scares me! Hope you had a great birthday Gracie, we love you!!