Friday, April 3, 2009

Ponying Around

When Grandpa wasn't looking we decided to give his horse a make over. Beautify him a little bit.
It took Grandpa a minute to catch it. The kids just giggled with Grandpa then posed for a picture with Grandpa's new invention.
Here is the group picture, yes the flower is still in if you look close. The lighting wasn't that good in Ryan's shop. But it was the only place for a picture. And Gracie wanted her flower back!!
Here is the boys helping out Grandpa. They thought that it was pretty fun to brush the horse.
Those 2 weren't the only ones that wanted to help. Payson found a brush then decided to try his hand at it. When we first got there he didn't want to have anything to do with the horses. Then decided they weren't so bad and he rode around with me for over an hour!!!
But first he had to make sure the horse's winter coat was all gone. There was hair everywhere. And I mean everywhere by time we got done.
Here is Payson helping Grandpa again with Skittles. This is the horse that the 3 oldest rode, yes even Preston. He thought he was big enough to "drive". Well about 3 seconds later Gracie was almost clothes lined by a hanging wire (not a live one). Grandpa ran to there rescue. Then Skittles decided to take a trot and she ran past me and Payson on Coyote. Gracie was holding on to Preston while Preston had dropped the raines and was holding on to the saddle horn. He was laughing and Gracie was screaming. This time Coyote and I ran to there rescue. It is a good thing that Skittles fast speed is mock 2 MPH. After that Gracie threw her hat in and called it enough for one day.
Payson still wanted to brush even after the saddle was off. He just couldn't get enough.
A cute picture of the kids having a fun day.
All in all it was loads of fun. A day the kids will remember!! And off they rode into the sun!!


Back in February, yes February I am behind, we went to the Jazz game with Gavin and Gracie. We started in Sandy and rode the trax to the game. This is Gracie and her friend Riley.
Rock on!! Here is Gavin and Kayden on trax. We rode over with our friends and these are 2 of there kids.
Go Jazz!!! They played against the Sacramento Kings!! Go Kyler Korver!!
He is Gracie's favorite!!! #26
See Gavin and the Jazz dancers!!! This is as close as he dared to get!!
Opp, there he is again. Who was in charge of this camera any way?
Another one of the Jazz, Gavin insisted on me having all of them on the blog and wanted me to tell you his favorite player is Darrin Williams #8.
And of course we were all so excited the Jazz WON!!! Yeah, go Jazz!! Now only if they can win again tonight!!

Gavin's Pictures

So the other day we went to my Dad's house and let the kids play. Gavin found his new passion. Taking pictures!!! Here are a few I hope you enjoy them. This first one is Preston and part of Whiskers.
Here is Gracie and the new pup. He got better as the days went on. As you can see this one actually shows most of the dog.
And here comes Goose.
He is getting closer.
This is Gavin's Aunt Raquel's horse. Look at this picture!!
Well, Hello Goose. How are you? Very friendly we found out.
This one is my favorite. He wanted to do a group picture. Gracie didn't want to join the group. She was to busy trying to catch skittles to ride.