Monday, June 29, 2009


On a typical day my kids are outside playing, pretty much the whole day!! They play whatever they can think of. They have 6 acres to run wild on, and they take advantage of that. I keep the front door open so I can hear their laugh's as well as there cry's. This particular day I am in the house working on the computer and Payson, (the cute one in the picture) comes in saying "Bunny, Mom. Bunny, Mom, bunny, bunny." I look over at him he has the cutest smile on his face and the look of a proud little boy. That's when it all goes done hill. His so called "bunny" is a dead mouse. Yeah, a dead mouse. Normally I don't touch or even look at them. What do you do when your 22 month old baby is holding an ugly disease infested animal? Luckily I was holding a thick nylon bag (for shipping socks) in my hand I grabbed the mouse, or bunny, from him set it on the floor. Let Gavin take care of that one, while I washed and washed and washed his hands and arms. Plus I changed his clothes and wiped him down with hand sanitizer, today we used it as body sanitizer. All day long he kept asking me "Where's bunny? Where bunny go Mom?" Then when Daddy got home he told Jon the whole story for about 20 minutes. It is too bad that we can't understand him more. But we could understand the "bunny"!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well as some of you may know we have got a new boat!! And love it. It was so cold outside but Gavin just had to try out the tube. Needless to say he couldn't talk any one else on to it.

But.....we did fish!! And we actually caught some!! This was the first one that Preston caught. He was a nice 3 LB cut-throat. We have been fishing at Sandwash Reservoir. They have tagged hundreds of fish with red tags. If you catch one you get a prize. The kids are more excited to see if there is a tag on it then to see how big it is.
One of these days we will get the red tag fish. Until then we will keep catchin' the big ones!
The fish were taking our hooks so fast Jon set this pole down, turned around and grabbed it in mid-air. This fish was going to take the whole pole with it!! But he couldn't out trick little Gracie!!
Well our fishing had to come to an end due to the weather. We got poured on!!

Not a bad catch for 1.5 hours!!
Preston was the lead fisherman!! He caught 4 of the seven and even set the hook for one of them. I went to help Gavin and he was holding the pole and yells "I caught one, I caught one!"
Why a boat you ask? So we can spend quality time as a family and make memories!! What a catch!! By the way Grandpa, Payson is now saying "catch fishy pole!" You better go shopping!!