Sunday, May 3, 2009


We had just gone hunting the night before for pheasants. Jon thought that he would take me out before the seasons end. Payson thought that was so much fun. He picked up sticks and starting shooting at the pheasants. He would say buxk buxk quack quack, then run off laughing. The next day he found a pen on the floor and starting shooting Jons ceramic duck. You can tell by the look on his face that this is serious business man!!! So I had the camera out for this and the other kids went wild!!! They were trying to get there pictures taken as well. I think my kids are attention deprived!! Well at least that is what they think. (I have no idea how this got underlined and blue, be nice, I am still learning!)
And the crowd went crazy!! Jumping and trying to get there picture on the camera. They were jumping and twirling. It was fun getting some of these images on camera. They don't know what serious business is!!

Look at her hair and skirt, he is all about wild!!

It is never a dull moment when you have kids around. Always something going on and someone being wild. The hard part is getting it caught on film!!


So the kids (Gracie mostly) thought it would be so much fun to pull a joke on Daddy for April Fools Day. They had many ideas, one was to mix all of the stuff in the fridge and give daddy a drink of it and tell him that it is way healthy and yummy!! Mommy knocked that idea down fast. (Jon owes me) Then they wanted to make the food all different colors and tell him that we don't know what happened. So............We worked out magic and made blue pancakes. Yummy!!!
Can't tell she is up to trouble can you?
They wanted a picture to show that we really did have blue pancakes....
And green eggs. They loved the pancakes but weren't quite sure about the green eggs, until....
We made them look a little more friendly!!! Daddy was so surprised and scared to eat the dinner they had conspired to make!!!