Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We started a new tradition this year, and well I think it was a great mess! The kids had a blast! We learned a lot and well blew up a lot as well.

 We took all the pumpkins and squash from the garden even our Halloween pumpkins and shot them with the .22 and a couple of shot guns! The kids did most of the shooting, but of course Jon and I had our fun!

Just had to throw this one in..
He is such a doll! And loves guns, he is cute like me and takes after his dad, loves anything hunting and guns, guns, guns!! 
And the end results are.....(they got to shoot there own pumpkins)

 He didn't have any fun did he!
 The guns just didn't do enough according to the kids standards! And they had to go smash them.  They are already talking about next year!


AAHHH, how scary are we? Just about as scary as it is that I haven't been on here for about 6 months.  So what better time to start then when we are all dressed up in our very best.

Here is a closer look at the little ones..................
 Gavin as a cute little pumpkin.......well his version of a pumpkin. 
My cute little princess again disappointed me and had to be scary like the boys.  Maybe one day she will let me dress her like the princess she is!!

 And Preston my superhero to save me!!

My last chance to have a cute little halloweener and as you can tell he got to pick out his costume. He wanted the scary clown. Maybe next year I will have a cuter bunch and not a scary crowd!