Thursday, March 19, 2009


Who said girls are good for nothing. So maybe they didn't find these sheds!!
But they sure did know how to move them. You know who their dad's are going to take on the next shed hunt.

Day at the Farm......

Gracie and her friends at Preschool went to a local farm to see all of the baby animals!! As you can see they had great big friendly greeter.

Even the baby cow came out to see them, or was it to eat?

I am sure it was a little of both. They were the cutest things ever. I love it!!
Look how much fun. Do you think that Jon would let me bring one home?
NO? It would be a great babysitter. Even Payson got in the action.
Well okay, even though they are sweet and cute, they can stay on the farm. I am talking about the animals at the farm and not the animals that live at my house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Payson was having so much fun and being so cute that I couldn't help but post more pictures of him.
What is it with kids and putting things on there heads?
Doesn't he look so innocent? As I have said in a previous post...looks can be deceiving.
What an accomplishment. It stayed. That is one proud boy!!
Now it's a game. He is so smiley.
And the icing on the cake. What joys a smile can bring. Too bad life couldn't be as simple as this sweet little boys!!


This is what happens when we get bored on Sunday afternoon.

Mom gets crazy and thinks play dough may not be such a bad idea!!
So much fun, don't concentrate to hard!!

Well it did keep Preston entertained for a hour. Yeah, just an hour.
You can only cut out play dough cookies for so long says Gavin.
But if your Gracie you could do it all day, every day, 10 different times a day. So mom has to clean up 10 different times.

Preston just loved to think he was making cookies. Now it is time to clean up......again!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


They look so sweet and innocent, but believe me when I say they are nothing but smiles and quadruple trouble!
Gavin with his hair cut like Grandpa Donald's. He looks real serious!!
Gracie and her googly eyes. Isn't she such a beautiful little princess!! I think her smile says it all!
Everyday eating at our house times 4. Preston is the cleanest!!
And last but not least Payson helping me make cookies. See what happens when you turn your back for 2 seconds. At least we always have fun!!