Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We started a new tradition this year, and well I think it was a great mess! The kids had a blast! We learned a lot and well blew up a lot as well.

 We took all the pumpkins and squash from the garden even our Halloween pumpkins and shot them with the .22 and a couple of shot guns! The kids did most of the shooting, but of course Jon and I had our fun!

Just had to throw this one in..
He is such a doll! And loves guns, he is cute like me and takes after his dad, loves anything hunting and guns, guns, guns!! 
And the end results are.....(they got to shoot there own pumpkins)

 He didn't have any fun did he!
 The guns just didn't do enough according to the kids standards! And they had to go smash them.  They are already talking about next year!


AAHHH, how scary are we? Just about as scary as it is that I haven't been on here for about 6 months.  So what better time to start then when we are all dressed up in our very best.

Here is a closer look at the little ones..................
 Gavin as a cute little pumpkin.......well his version of a pumpkin. 
My cute little princess again disappointed me and had to be scary like the boys.  Maybe one day she will let me dress her like the princess she is!!

 And Preston my superhero to save me!!

My last chance to have a cute little halloweener and as you can tell he got to pick out his costume. He wanted the scary clown. Maybe next year I will have a cuter bunch and not a scary crowd!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am not the type to really brag about my kids, even though I do love them and think I am like any other mom that their kids are the best. But tonight I am going to dedicate this blog to my sweet little girl, Gracie, she has won dancer of the year in her dance class.  She takes dance at 24/7 in Duchesne and absolutely loves it.  Last night she had her dance recital and awards ceremony.
 She absolutely loves to dance! I never thought I would have a girl that danced, but don't worry, before her dance recital she had soccer and baseball games.  So she does take after her mom.  The dancing stuff, hmm not so sure where she picked that up........

After the dance they did an awards ceremony and Gracie won the Dancer of The Year Award for her class. She was so happy, but didn't even know what it meant, she was just glad to get a trophy!


I was having Preston say his ABC's all by himself, we usually do it together or with a brother or sister.  He says .....G H I Jakey L M N...... I thought that was cute he has an Uncle Jake and he calls him Jakey.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I never thought this day would come!! After almost 9 years straight we are done with diapers! It is bitter sweet.  Sweet being that I don't have to change diapers anymore........... well okay for a long time! And bitter because my baby is growing up! He is no longer a baby. Even though he will always be my baby! As you can see he has found alternate uses for his diapers. I am very proud of my little Payson boy, a.k.a. Mr. Giggles.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well as many of you know we have the river just about 100 yards from our house!While it may be pretty it is still a little scary with the little ones.  So we have told them that there are alligators in it so they won't go by it! It has worked, but my little Diva (a.k.a. Gracie) asked me why they don't ever see the alligators.  I told her they hide so you won't see them, then when you get close they will come out and get you.  Trying the scare tactic.  Then she thought for a moment and said, "Mom I just think that Daddy told us that so we won't go in the water!" Cute, smart kids!


I know, I know it has been a while! That just shows that it has been a while since I have had a minute to sit down and blog! So we will see how far I get tonight! Hahahahahaha!
This weekend I had a volleyball tournament in Vernal! We had a blast and of course it helps that we took first place, out of 36 teams! Wahoo, I am feeling it now! I am not a spring chick any more, but I still like to play like one! Anyway, the 3 oldest kids stayed at Grandpa Bryce's house.  They had to much fun! They helped Grandpa out lots I am sure! Pat made them pancakes for breakfast and Gavin asked Grandpa if he had any bacon or sausage that they could eat.  He really likes to eat like his Grandpa! And Grandpa says "Gavin, we don't have that kind of food, we are poor folks here." Then without even skipping a beat Gavin says, "Grandpa you aren't poor, you are middle class!"

Friday, January 22, 2010


Short, but cute!!

We were driving in the car and Gracie was talking about her teeth falling out and Payson says "Santa Claus is going to come and pull my teeth out!" Where they come up with this stuff, I just don't know!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Preston was in the bathroom for a long time.  Finally I thought I better go and check on him!!

When I asked him why he did it, he said "You missed a spot when you cut my hair."  ....over a month ago! So yes now he is sporting a new shorter hair cut for this cold winter!!


Preston was putting puzzles with ABC's and 123's together and I asked him, "How did you get so smart?" He said "I ate one smarty!" Then I said "You did?" He replied, " Ya, I am serious one smarty is all it took!"
Gotta love those 4 year old's!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well I am going to cheat on this one a little bit.  This one was actually took place in the middle of December. But it is to good not to post, plus I don't want to forget it.  Jon on the other hand wishes it would go away!!
         One day me and Gracie were teasing Gavin about a girl that likes him.  Then I turned to Gracie and this is where it starts:

MOM- Gracie do you have a boyfriend?
GRACIE- No.....but, (with attitude) there is this one boy in my class who has a cute face. (she then opens her mouth and puts her hands in front of it)
MOM- Gracie it is okay to think boys are cute, mommy does, I think daddy is cute.
GRACIE- Well, then...on the first day of school I walked into my class and I thought, WOA he has a cute face.  But I don't think his body or anything else is cute, just his face!!
Then the next day she goes to school and tells him he has a cute face, and she was so excited because he told her the same thing!

Well I thought it would stop there but she constantly talks about him and calls him her boyfriend!! I might have been just a little boy crazy when I was younger, but not that young.  Plus I was shy never in a million years would have the nerve to tell a boy he was cute at that age!! She is cute, but I think we are in trouble!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, my goal here is to blog about the cute and funny things that my kids say.  I don't write them down and yes, I do forget. First we are going to start with Gavin. Yesterday he came home from school and Gracie was telling me that she helped Gavin up when he feel today.  I asked Gavin if he was okay and he said "Ya I ran into the pole and I had to go to the office and put ice on my head." So me being the concerned mom asked if I could see where he bumped his head.  She showed me and I said "Well it looks like you have a goose egg."
About 5 minutes later he walked up to me, holding his head, and said "Mom, so a goose is going to grow in my head? I don't want a goose to grow in my head!"