Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am not the type to really brag about my kids, even though I do love them and think I am like any other mom that their kids are the best. But tonight I am going to dedicate this blog to my sweet little girl, Gracie, she has won dancer of the year in her dance class.  She takes dance at 24/7 in Duchesne and absolutely loves it.  Last night she had her dance recital and awards ceremony.
 She absolutely loves to dance! I never thought I would have a girl that danced, but don't worry, before her dance recital she had soccer and baseball games.  So she does take after her mom.  The dancing stuff, hmm not so sure where she picked that up........

After the dance they did an awards ceremony and Gracie won the Dancer of The Year Award for her class. She was so happy, but didn't even know what it meant, she was just glad to get a trophy!


Lacy said...

She's so cute.
That dancing ability could come from her aunt Lacy...hmmm...Just

Or her name sake. I think Grandma Grace was a good dancer.

Or Grandpa(Bob) He danced on roller-skates at Saltaire. Remember that. He won a few contest too!
Anyways, it's in the Beers blood someware.

and she's darling too!

Jon and Amber Davis said...

I was going to put her Aunt Lacy, but I didn't want to offend anyone! LOL

Tasha said...

How exciting! She is so cute!