Monday, August 31, 2009


And a fishing we went. And had many successful days, minus Fish Lake. We went to Cottonwood Reservoir to try and catch something different besides trout. We got into some nice little catfish. I personally thought they were disgusting. But as you can see the kids had a blast. They thought the release was much more fun than the catch. They are braver than me. I won't even touch them. No, no, now I haven't gone all girly on ya. I just don't like catfish. I will still gut a trout. But ew, don't make me touch those ugly, stinky, poky catfish.
In case you haven't noticed. I don't like them. But as you can see Preston likes to rub his cookie on them, then eat them. I am sure not on purpose, but hey he is Jon's boy. Loves the outdoors and all the extra spices and seasonings that come with the food.

And who can forget the crawdad fishing. I think this was one of Gavin's favorite things to do. Especially when he stuck it on his Dad's arm. Jon still has the marks to prove it did hurt.
And who could forget the birthdays. Not me my little baby turned 2. That is the age where they are officially not a baby anymore. I am so sad!! However, as you all know he will always be my baby. Isn't he the sweetest little thing. I promise he is not spoiled, too much. Just ask him, he's the boss. He isn't even afraid to tell Jon that.

And my Gavin has turned 8. He has been looking forward to this day for a long time. He now gets to start scouts and of course be baptized. My oldest is 8. AGH!!

And who could forget our favorite thing about summer 2009, hanging out with family. We were fortunate enough to go to the cabin's at Jon's work and hang out with his family. The kids had so much fun. Here is Payson and Grumpa Donald watching everyone catch the crawdads. While Jon tries to convince Jakey that there really are fish in the ponds. Now to the craziness of school, dance and more sports starting!! Good bye summer, till nxt year!!


The summer of 2009 is coming to an end. We had a very busy summer. We bought our house and every free minute we had went to doing something on the house, whether it be yard work or the kitchen. (Hopefully pictures coming soon.) On this event we went to Fish Lake to see a friend that I hadn't seen since Junior High, Sarah Hardy. She lives in California and was there for the week. It had been over 15 years. She was just as sweet and cute as ever!!
Well we didn't catch any fish, but the kids sure did have a blast playing on the boat ramp! Of course it wouldn't be a ride home from fishing if the kids weren't soaking wet.
We also went to the Duchesne 24th of July parade. Our first parade with only one kid to pick up candy. And he did a great job of picking it up. He had the whole road full of candy all to himself.
Here is Preston and Gracie (behind Preston) on the Bridgeland Ward float. This here is the reason why Payson had the road of candy to himself.
Here is Gavin with his cousin Rorik. They got to throw candy to everyone. My kids were so excited, they finally got to be in a parade. They have always wanted to be in it instead of spectators.
Here is Gracie and some of her friends on the float waving good bye to a wonderful summer!! (More to come!)